After installing these modules, you will need to create a custom module where you will write the script for migration. So first, create a custom module and then create an info.yml which will include the module’s details. Next, enable the module.

name: test migration
type: module
description: Migrating data from the csv files.
core_version_requirement: ^8 || ^9
package: Migration
 - drupal:migrate_source_csv
 - drupal:migrate_plus
 - drupal:migrate_tools
   - migrate_plus.migration_group.test_migration
   - migrate_plus.migration.test_migration_sessions
   - migrate_plus.migration.test_migration_paper
   - migrate_plus.migration.test_migration_user

Once the info.yml file is created, you need to create a migration group for this migration. You will need to create this migration group in the path: test_migration> config > install. These details are needed while running the migration:

id: test_migration
label: test Migration
description: Migrating xml data 

After creating the migration group, install this group in your info.yml file.

AdminOct 05, 2021