Enabling a cohesive digital experience across multiple regional websites for Aster Hospitals

The Challenges

  • We needed to produce a compelling user experience design that made Aster standout among competitors while being intuitive and easy to use for their consumers.

  • Component based page building capabilities for regional marketing teams that allows them to create pages using a wide selection of UI components.
  • Intuitive and Faceted search implementation for a variety of search keywords ranging from Doctor names to hospital locations.

  • Migration of data from the existing hospital websites to the new top level domain site while making sure the traffic remains unhampered.

Our Approach


We started with research, competitive analysis and customer questionnaires to understand the expectations of Aster’s target customer. We then converted these into story boards and produced designs following our 3 step design process i.e.: Pencil sketching, Wire-framing and Visual designs. Our Drupal Front end team built the theme and components using the visual designs. The components were stitched to the backend in such a way that pages could then be created along with the associated functionality. We extensively used Paragraphs, Claro, Media modules on Drupal 9 to achieve the authoring capabilities required for component based page building. Search functionality involved custom development along with the use of Apache SOLR.