The Brief

Develop an internal portal aimed at encouraging sellers at Flipkart to obtain latest insights with respect to a particular domain.

The portal needs to look premium while providing a compelling user experience

Maximum information in the first view port

Minimal clicks for navigation while enabling ease of movement from one aspect to the other

All the information is either provided in images and as downloadable documents. The images need to be fully visible with no vertical scroll.

Images to be uploaded by the client using a backend uploading system and needs to be adaptable to the website


Full Screen Approach


Menu Collapsed inside a Hamburger to enable information display on full Screen

CTAs placed such that the information needed for the target customer is shown as soon as possible and as intuitively as possible

Scroll to browse sub categories – All sub categories shown in one one screen to enable easy navigation

Intuitive menu mechanism displays relevant information based on what is currently being viewed on the full screen view port

Navigation Approach


The site has a multi-level navigation approach but the design is such that any level can be reached from anywhere in the site making it easier for returning users to gain access to the information they are looking for as quickly as possible

First time users can go to the level of their interest directly while knowing exactly where they are and have a preview of the information in the next level, previous level and other information within the same level

Browse Approach


Intuitive horizontal scroll to enable easy movement to next aspect within same category

Thumbnail previews and horizontally scrolling thumbnails for direct navigation



Project completion in record time and within budgets leading to a massive launch that saw extensive media coverage.

Positive feed back from the sellers about usefulness and usability.

Trendstalk is one of Flipkart's most successful seller outreach initiatives.

Technologies Used

Drupal Content Management System Framework

MySQL for database

LAMP for server stack

HTML 5, CSS 3, BootStrap 3, JQuery, AJAX for the web front end